Flexus Primus SG (second generation) incorporates all of Tufo's latest tire technology into a cyclocross tubular specifically designed for most cyclocross conditions except deep mud. The semi aggressive tread pattern provides excellent traction and cornering in almost any condition
Built with SILANE VP Si 363 technology manufactured by Evonik in Germany. Tufo is one of the first bicycle tire manufacturers to incorporate this advanced technology into the rubber compound used in their treads. This innovative process allows for a 10% decrease in rolling resistance while improving grip in wet conditions and generally improving the tire's ride characteristics. A tire tread containing SI 363 will also exhibit improved durability. A decidedly win win situation.
CRCA is a special process which incorporates high modulus Aramid fibers into the carcass of the tire during construction. CRCA increases puncture protection and total carcass strength while also elevating riding comfort.
Use cyclocross most conditions, except deep mud
Size 700 x 33
Weight* 350 grams*
TPI 210 / 315 threads per inch
Pressure 45 psi max
Protection Belt  Puncture resistant layer
Casing Priority
Rubber tread silica tread compound
Inner tube None tubeless construction
Valve 40mm
Mileage Dependent on riding conditions & riders weight

* manufacturers claimed weight

$79.00 each / $156.00 for 2 PURCHASE TUBULAR TIRES

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